Miles ahead of the others

Founded in early 2018, IntellilinkMods grew from our very first retrofit, the Intellilink R3.0 to R4.0 kit, allowing the infotainment system in early model Corsa-E and Adams to be upgraded to the late model Intellilink R4.0. Our mission was to offer a service and product unlike other existing retrofit companies, where a user could install the kit themselves, cutting out the costs of traveling, labor and other expensive factors involved in retrofitting. Meaning costs are lower for ourselves, and most importantly, you.

We have since expanded from the R4.0 retrofit kit and now offer services such as reverse camera retrofits, infotainment system updates, instrument cluster retrofits and many more bespoke services. Throughout our transition into a larger retrofitter, our core ethics have always remained the same, to produce a OEM, excellent result to all kits and work we offer, meaning the end result must always look and function, just as the factory intended.

We have supplied many main dealers of Opel and Vauxhall brands throughout the world including the United Kingdom and Germany.

If a retrofit you're interested in having fitted to your vehicle, or something you've been told is impossible isn't listed, drop us an email or pop up on live chat. We promise to always do our absolute best to make it happen for you.