Corsa-E Speedometer Extra Menus

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Corsa-E Speedometer Extra Menus

£49.99 - £74.99

This service allows you to enable extra menus on the Corsa-E instrument cluster. These menus include MPG, eco page, battery voltage, digital speedo, coolant temperatures and much more.

With this service you can either visit us in Blyth, Northumberland or post us your instrument cluster for programming.

What the kit includes

Programming for Corsa-E Instrument Cluster:

This service can be performed on the vehicle or on a postage service.

Postage Service - £74.99

You post us your instrument cluster, we program it with the extra menus, we then ship it back to you, usually within 24 hours.

On-Vehicle Service - £49.99

This service means you visit us in Blyth, Northumberland program the extra instrument cluster menus.