Below are frequently asked questions, any questions please ask us on live chat

Here we have tried to cover the most commonly asked questions about our retrofit kits and the compatability with your vehicle. If you are uncertain about any aspect of the kits please feel free to speak to us on the live chat, message us on Facebook, email or WhatsApp.

Yes - all steering controls will still operate as they did on your original radio, this is a OEM retrofit.

Yes - There is however a small bug where the display of the fan speed will always remain as "OFF", we are working on a fix for this however.

Yes - Self parking will still work and display on the radio screen when operating, there is however a small issue with parking sensors, there is no visual representation, however they do still emit a audible beep.

Yes - we market the kits as being "self installation" meaning they're intended to be installed by you. They come pre-programmed to your car so no visits to the dealership are required.

Although we cannot comment on what is and what isn't covered under warranty. You are fitting a genuine Vauxhall part, therefor your warranty should be uneffected.

No - The buttons do not come with the kit on the sides, yours are removed from your existing trim, and clip directly into your new trim piece.

Yes - This is because the R4.0 has a higher physical position in the dashboard, meaning the top trim has a sharper curve in the centre and is narrower. This applies to both Adam and Corsa-E.

Yes - We regularly ship to Opel dealerships in Germany. We also ship to Greece, Poland, Chllie etc. Any questions simply ask!