Astra-K R4.0 - Reverse Camera

Retrofit Kits / Services

Intellilink R4.0 Reverse Camera Kit

£99.99 - £129.99

Our R4.0 reverse camera kit is designed to a simple, OEM retrofit. With genuine OEM programming of the reverse camera it will work exactly like a factory-fit reverse camera would.

This can either be supplied as a self installation kit, or a fitted service in Blyth, Northumberland.

What the kit includes

Reverse Camera Programming :
Infotainment System Software Update :
Aftermarket Camera :
Wiring Kit :

The reverse camera kit can either be supplied as a self-installation kit or a fully-fitted service.

Postage Service - £129.99

This service requires you to remove, and post us your R4.0 "silverbox" for programming. The "silverbox" is located behind your OBD2 port under the drivers footwell. We will then return your silverbox, usually within 24 hours fully programmed with the reverse camera kit.

Fully Fitted Service - £99.99

This service involves you visiting us in Blyth, Northumberland. We will program and install your reverse camera within around 15 minutes.