Adblue / SCR Solutions

(£291.66 excluding VAT)

With this service we can disable your adblue / SCR catalyst aftertreatment system.

Modern diesel engines use an after-treatment solution called Adblue, this is stored in a secondary tank and is injected directly into the exhaust of the car after the engine.

Adblue systems however fail regularly, usually caused by NoX sensors and injector cystalisation, when this happens, a repair can cost thousands, and you can be off the road months waiting for a part as most are on backorder.

We can disable your Adblue system, meaning your car will no longer consume adblue, this does not affect your vehicles performance or engine, this simply disables the Adblue system from the ECU.

This should only be used for off-road purposes, the system can be re-enabled at anytime should parts become available.

When your adblue system has failed, a countdown will also begin and may say something along the lines of Engine start unavailable in X miles, when deleting the adblue it will prevent this from happening.

Do you need to bring the vehicle to us for this service?

Yes, we physically need the vehicle for this service.

Can I spread the cost with finance?

Yes - you can pay over equal installments of 4, 6 or 12 months interest free. 4 and 6 month plans have no credit checks.

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