R4 Retrofit Kit - kit 3

(£369.99 excluding VAT)

This kit allows you to retrofit the Intellilink R4.0 to either a Corsa-E or Adam. By upgrading to the R4.0 you gain Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, louder amplifier, a more responsive system, and a superior modern dashboard.

Available Options

  • Factory-Fitted Reverse Camera Programming - £FREE
  • Infinity SoundSystem Programming (Adam-only) - £FREE
  • Reverse Camera Kit (for vehicles without a factory camera) - £70.80
  • Subwoofer Connections - £45.60
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Is your Corsa-E or Adam fitted with the old style BT3.0 (the radio with no touch screen), or the R3.0 with no Apple CarPlay and Android Auto? Time to upgrade!

With our kits it allows you to upgrade directly to the Intellilink R4.0 unit fitted to models from 2016 onwards. The installation is a complete factory fit retrofit, meaning all your factory functions work, e.g. steering wheel controls, vehicle settings menu, reverse camera, fan speed etc.

We have three types of retrofit kit, kit 3 as shown is intended for those who want everything supplied that is required to retrofit the R4, except the top trim (this can be found on our TrimFinder below.

What's included in this kit?

  • BT3.0 / R3.0 to R4.0 Loom Adaptor
  • Intellilink R4.0 Unit
  • R4.0 fascia trim panel
  • Programming of the Intellilink R4.0 unit to your vehicles exact spec
  • Digital fitting guide (YouTube video)
  • Return postage

Here is some frequently asked questions, if you are unsure about anything, simply message us on live chat and we will be more than happy to assist.

Will everything work as before, like steering wheel controls etc?

Yes, the R4.0 is fully programmed to your exact cars specification, this means that all factory options (such as reverse camera, fan speed for climate controls, vehicle settings etc.) will all function exactly as they did before.

I've heard I need a new top trim, is that correct?

Yes, if your car is produced before 01/06/2016, you will require a replacement top trim, this is the plastic panel above the radio that runs along to the passenger side, containing the passenger air vent. This is because the R4.0 sits higher in the dashboard compared to the R3.0, you cannot modify the existing trim to fit to unfortunately this will be required.

If your vehicle was produced after 01/06/2016 it is likely you do not need a replacement top trim, to be certain on this however please contact us before ordering and send a photo of your dashboard for confirmation.

Do you use genuine parts?

Yes, all of the parts supplied in our kit are genuine and come with a 12 month warranty as standard.

I'm not sure I'll manage to fit it myself, can you help?

Of course! We are available on live chat, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and more! Any questions just drop us a message during fitting and we will talk you through the process, no matter how silly you think the question is don't worry.

Do you have ship worldwide?

Yes, we ship anywhere in the world (excluding PO boxes). Some areas require an additional surcharge to cover postage costs, please contact us first to avoid confusion.

I have an Opel and/or a Left Hand Drive (LHD) car, does this still work?

Yes! When ordering simply select the "Opel startup screen" option, this means we will program your R4 unit with Opel and/or left hand drive calibrations.

How long will my order take to arrive?

All R4.0 retrofit kits are specifically made to order, so please be patient with us while we produce your loom, and order your R4.0 unit from our supplier. Orders can take in excess of 5 working days before shipping.

What are the available options?
When ordering your R4 retrofitkit, a number of options are available, these are explained below:

Factory-Fitted Reverse Camera Programming

You select this option when programming if your car is currently fitted with a factory reverse camera. This allows us to connect this while producing the adapter loom for your vehicle. If you do not currently have a reverse camera and want one, this would be the "Reverse Camera Kit" option you would need.

Infinity SoundSystem Programming (Adam-only)

You select this option when your Adam is fitted with Infinity SoundSystem, to establish if your Adam is fitted with this factory option check the speaker grills on the drivers and passenger doors, a small "Infinity" logo is visibleon the speaker grills.

Reverse Camera Kit (for vehicles without a factory camera)

This option is available for both the Adam and Corsa-E, it allows you to retrofit a reverse camera at the same time as fitting your R4.0 system, we include a central-mounted reverse camera, wiring harness and the R4 preprogrammed for the camera. Super-simple to install, simply tuck the wire down the trims of the car, drill a hole between the number plate lights, mount the camera, connect the ground connection in the boot and all done!

Subwoofer Connections

With this option we wire a high-low filter into your adapter loom, this allows you to connect "RCA" amplifiers or subwoofers direct to your R4 system.

What fitting options are available?
While all of our kits are easily installed by yourself, we always offer FREE installation on all our products:


By default our kits are posted to you, they are pre-programmed to your car with the adapter loom so installation is designed to be simple. We have a video fitting guide available on YouTube, this can be found here.

FREE Fitting in Newcastle-upon-Tyne

If you don't feel up to the challenge of fitting it yourself, don't worry. Select the "fitting" option at checkout, once your kit has been produced, we will give you a call to arrange a convenient, typically weekend appointment to come along, sit back, and watch us do all the work. Fitting INCLUDING a reverse camera typically takes us around 25 minutes and you will be on your way!

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