R4.0 Reverse Camera Kit (Corsa-E/Adam)

(£128.99 excluding VAT)

This kit allows you to retrofit a reverse camera to your Intellilink R4.0 system just like factory. It will operate in exactly the same was as a factory option.

This kit allows you to retrofit a reverse camera in exactly the same way you would if it had been fitted from factory.

The reverse camera is mounted directly between the number plate lights, by cutting a circle hole with the supplied hole cutter, then a wire is tucked along the kick panels on the right hand side of the vehicle and fed directly into the back of the R4.0 unit.

For this kit you will need to post us your Intellilink R4.0 unit so we can program it to accept the reverse camera, if you would prefer to have us fit it for you, it reduces the price to only £99, since everything would be carried out in one go.

Please note! The reverse guide lines on the camera are exactly as they are named, only a guide. This means that they are simply an aid to the direction of your steering wheel and are not designed to indicate the width of the vehicle, it is also important to note that these will differ to a genuine camera, as we use an aftermarket camera.

What's included in this kit?

  • HD centrally-mounted reverse camera
  • Reverse camera loom with 10m wire
  • Programming of the R4.0 unit to accept the reverse camera
  • Return postage

Can this be fitted by IntellilinkMods instead?

Yes, our fully fitted service is actually cheaper! You can view this service here.

Here is some frequently asked questions, if you are unsure about anything, simply message us on live chat and we will be more than happy to assist.

Is the software you use genuine?

Yes, we program reverse camera calibrations exactly as the factory would, we do not require a VCI that other retrofitters need due to the development of specific software built in-house by ourselves to streamline the process, meaning you don't need to wait 24 hours for us to program your unit.

How long does it take to install the kit?

On average it takes around 2 hours for the reverse camera to be installed by yourself.

Do you update the radio firmware while installing the camera?

Yes, at the point of programming we will update your radio's firmware to the latest official GM release.

Why are you so cheap in comparison to others?

Because we pass our savings on to the customer! We have streamlined the process of the camera programming and production to minimise costs, without cutting corners on quality and installation. We purchase the cameras in bulk, saving on costs and produce the looms in-house.

Does the camera come with warranty?

Yes, all reverse camera installations come with a 12 month warranty.

So how does the camera work?

Just like it would from factory! You engage reverse and the camera shows on your main infotainment screen, after driving off the screen returns back to whatever page you were previously on.

What type of camera do you use?

Our reverse cameras are custom made to a high specification, and are actually higher resolution than genuine cameras. They closely match the design of a genuine camera and are discrete. They are mounted between the number plate lamps.

Do I need to cut the bumper?

Yes, but just a small area that cannot be seen, the kit includes a circle hole cutter that you use to cut the hole with a powered drill. The circle is cut directly between the number plate lamps on the Corsa-E/Adam and Astra-K hatchback model. On the Astra-K tourer you remove the blanking plate for the factory reverse camera then cut a hole directly in the centre of it, then install the camera with the nut on the back.

You do not need to remove the bumper to screw the nut on the back, this can be done by laying on the floor and putting your hand behind the bumper. The cable is then fed through one of the flaps in the rear air vent.

This kit is designed to be self-fitting, meaning you install it yourself with our assistance. If you would prefer a fully fitted service, this is only £99 supplied and fitted in Newcastle upon Tyne.

  • Self-Installation (postage option) - £129.99 - With this option you must remove and post us your Intellilink R4.0 unit, the vehicle can still be used with the unit removed however you will not hear the sound of your indicators or door open chimes.
  • Fully Fitted in Newcastle-upon-Tyne - £99 - With this option we supply and fit the camera to your car in around 25 minutes. This service is FREE of charge.

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